Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr Maurice Forget

Consular Region:
Quebec, administrave regions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17

3700, The Stock Exchange Tower
H4Z 1E9
Phone: +1 514 397 7441, +1 514 983 9792, +1 514 397 7600
Fax: +1 514 397 7600

About me:

Assignments: attached as counsel to one of Canada’s largest law firms, Fasken Martineau LLP.

Professional experience: lawyer, concentrated mainly in Securities and M&A, the financing, buying and selling of businesses, originally also in Intellectual Property. Experienced as corporate counsel to many large and medium-sized corporations focused on financial services, pulp and paper; manufacturing (equipment, consumer electronics; food and beverages; textiles; clothing) ; road and rail transportation; hospitality services; retail sales. After almost 45 years in practice now semi-retired and advising many volunteer organizations, pro bono legal services and advice to younger colleagues.

Possibilities for promoting cooperation with Estonia: There are so few economic ties at present between Canada and Estonia that the situation can only improve. The Port of Tallinn may be of interest to shippers and shipping companies active in Montreal and in other ports on Canada’s East coast. Estonia’s enviable position in the field of Information Technology may be of assistance to many Canadian businesses. There is room for more in culture although the influx of Estonian musicians touring Canada is increasing.

Vision: As an active member of the Montreal, Quebec and Canadian business communities for nearly 45 years, connected to many business leaders in many diverse areas of economic activity. As a lawyer, played a significant role in many sectors of the Canadian economy. Network including legal partnership in Fasken Martineau as well as almost all significant players in the Canadian economy. Always happy to help and advice Estonian companies who are interested in the Canada.

Associations: volunteered in the management of many arts groups, museums, orchestras. Served two terms as the Chair of the Montreal Arts Council, the principal cultural funding agency of the City of Montreal. Been active in the fields of healthcare (as Chair of a large mental health institute related to McGill University) and education (as Chair of Quebec’s largest college and as Advisor to the deans of faculties at two universities).

Hobbies: the arts, particularly the visual arts and music.

Maurice Forget