The Honorary Consul portal is a part of the larger project aimed to significantly improve the cooperation of Honorary Consuls and Estonia’s public institutions and private companies. Our Corp of Honorary Consuls, embracing the most distinguished representatives of their societies, have the best knowledge and understanding of the possibilities to develop the relations with Estonia in all possible fields. This portal will open a better understanding of the specific ways of cooperation which every country, its regions and every each Honorary Consul can provide. It gives a professional view needed for Estonian partners to build up their business or cultural projects with the clear feeling that their activity is welcome, focused on most promising topics and the professional support from the Consulate is available.

In addition to the personal information about every each Honorary Consul, this portal provides a concentrated guidance to the activities you are involved in everyday bases. You will find the update of the NEWS prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the briefs about your own most significant events related to the activity of the Honorary Consuls. You will find all information needed in your everyday Honorary Consul’s work under the CONSULAR INFO. BUSINESS INFO will provide you the comprehensive overview of websites needed to find the correct answers in case of all possible business requests. FORUM will give you a platform for expressing your views, exchanging experiences, briefing your colleagues Honorary Consuls about your activities and experiences and communicating with the MFA on specific issues.

Wishing you a fruitful experiences with this portal and hoping it will help us to find the new opportunities to promote the relations between Estonia and your home country.