Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr Rainer Henn

Consular Region:
Vienna, Burgenland, Lower Austria

Goldeggasse 16
Phone: +43 1 503 08 08
Fax: +43 1 503 08 08 50

About me:

Assignments: CEO of Brüder Henn and Brüder Henn Holding, Vienna.

Work Experience: graduated as Engineer for printing Industry; since 1958 activities for selling and servicing printing machines and equipment in Eastern Europe, since 1987 contact to Estonian enterprises, to the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Estonian Ministry of Finance. Consulting for printing industry and light industry of Estonia.

Areas for developing cooperation with Estonia: promotion of business and cultural relations in Vienna, Lower Austria and the province of Burgenland.

Vision: Support of Estonian enterprises in commercial contacts and networking; Lectures on Estonian arts and culture at the University in Vienna and the Institute of Languages; Financial support of Estonian historic culture in Austria.

Associations: Member of the board of the High School for printing industry; Vice President of the association for research of printing media; Member of the guild for printing industry; Lay judge at the Commercial Court, Vienna; Senator of the University of Sibiu, Romania; Member of the consistory of the bishopric Vienna.

Awards and decorations:
• Estonian Decoration Maarjamaa Risti teenetemärk
• Decoration of Honor for services to the Republic of Austria
• Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art
• Decoration of Honor in Silver of the Province Lower Austria.

Publications: "Konsulat Estland" published 2013 (History of Estonian Consuls and Ambassadors in Austria and Austrian Consuls and Ambassadors in Estonia).

Rainer Henn