Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr Carlos Andrés Mattsson

Consular Region:
Argentine Republic

Av. Bernabe Marquez 951
San Isidro
Phone: +54 11 4723 7273, +54 911 2186 1056 (mob)
Fax: +54 11 4723 3060

About me:

Assignments and responsibilities: President of Camco S.A., a company which presently sells the forest group UPM´s production and acting as sales agent for various Scandinavian and Baltic companies in South America countries. In addition to Buenos Aires, Camco has offices in Santiago de Chile and Lima, Peru.

Professional experiences: 37 years mainly in paper related business

Potential sectors for developing cooperation with Estonia: ICT, food – agroindustry, international transport, Tourism, music and arts in the fields of culture.

Associations: Member of The Finnish-Argentine Chamber of Commerce; Member of the Executive Committee of Special Olympics

Hobbies: reading of Philosophy and Anthropology, also walking, trekking and fishing in his farm in Patagonia (southern Argentina).

Carlos Andrés Mattsson