Consul Profile

Honorary Vice Consul Mr Siim Sööt

Consular Region:
State of Illinois

200 E. Randolph Street Suite 38
Phone: +131 2552 6022
Fax: +131 2552 6042

About me:

Assignments: Member of the Chicago Council on Global Affair, a preeminent organization that provides vital information on global issues. Consular officials are expect to be members and participate in the many function weekly on topics such as cyber security, terrorism, China’s authoritarian capitalism and global economy.

Professional Experience: PhD, Professor Emeritus, Urban Transportation Center, University of Illinois at Chicago. Expertise in urban transportation and urban planning issues. Promotion of Estonian business at the trade shows. Have been involved in hosting and assisted in organizing numerous Estonian cultural functions, typically at the Chicago Estonian House. Expertise on coal mine methane and shale oil production as well as synthetic fuels from coal, conventional oil refining, and oil and natural gas exploration is also available through family links.

Associations: Vice President of the Chicago Estonian House for approximately a dozen years. Board member of the US Baltic Foundation for numerous years.

Areas for developing relations with Estonia: A variety of applications in the high-tech field. The City of Chicago is actively promoting computer-related start-ups that rely locally on a labor force that numbers over four million as well as input from across the globe. The Chicago area is also a major consumer of classical music and Estonia has been very successful in the past decade in tapping into that market, e.g., three Estonians have performed as guest conductors of the prestigious Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Continued involvement should be pursued.

Vision: it would be difficult to offer more time than we already commit to the Consular functions outlined above.

Publications: Over two dozen referred publications in national journals on urban transportation and urban growth. Numerous lectures in Tartu and Tallinn on urban development.

Estonian language, visiting Estonia quite often.

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