Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr Ramiro Moreno Baldivieso

Consular Region:
Plurinational State of Bolivia

Capitan Ravelo Street No 2366
La Paz

Phone: +59 12 244 1600
Fax: +59 12 244 1550

About me:

Assignments: Principal Director of Moreno Baldivieso Attorneys – EMBA for over thirty years. The Law firm has offices in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Tarija and representatives in the remaining cities. Official Arbitrator – CIAC.

Professional experience: Attorney at Law, LLM – Master Degree in Law, Harvard Law School; Civil Law and Commercial Law Professor, Bolivian Universities, member IBA, ABA, INTA, INTERLAW, LES, AIPPI; proactive participation in Arbitration issues, Intellectual property, Energy & Hydrocarbons and others both on a local and international level.

Associations: member of the National Juridical Sciences Academy.- Dissertation of Admittance: Bill for the Intellectual Property Law in Bolivia, Incumbent President of the National Juridical Sciences Academy, Co-Judge of the Bolivian Supreme Court of Justice, Past Co-Judge of the La Paz Superior District Court.

Vision and proposals for promoting Estonia: attractive economic environment for foreign investments, favorable “flat tax” system, sound macroeconomic management, reasonable labor costs and strategic location making Estonia an attractive partner. Reducing the obstacles raised by differences in regulations and standards is needed for promotion of cooperation.

Ramiro Moreno Baldivieso