Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Flemming Patrick Rickfors

Consular Region:

Apto. 161, Vero Vila Rica Rua João Pinho, 131, Boqueirão
CEP 11055-060
Phone: +55 13 3231 4886

About me:

Assignments: member of the board of the Great Dane club of Denmark in Denmark; president of Santos Badminton Club in Brazil and a voting member of the Badminton Federation of the State of São Paulo , as well as president of several other private enterprises.

Professional Experience: former banker, instrumental in securing financial resources to the re-constituted Republic of Estonia in the early years after 20th August 1991.

Areas for cooperation: Santos comprises the largest and most important port in Brazil. Maritime issues and promotion of tourism relating to both Estonia and Brazil.

Hobbies: early Norse and Estonian history.

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