Consul Profile

Honorary Consul General Mr. Josep Lluis Rovira

Consular Region:

Avinguda Diagonal 401-1º
Phone: +34 93 416 00 11
Fax: +34 93 415 23 66

About me:

Assignments: shareholder and member of the board of companies in different industries (Banking & Insurance, Foreign Trade, Services, Construction, Biotechnology, Petrol Stations, Hotel Business and Real-estate).

Associations: President of the SME of Catalunya- PIMEC; D’EUROPMI- European Committee for SME Independent Companies; Mediterranean N.O. PIME Conference; Fiscal Commission and member of the Executive Committee of the Official Chamber of Trade, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona; Fiscal Group of the International Chamber of Commerce, Spanish Committee. Vice-President of Catalan-Japanese Cooperation League. Member of the Spanish National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and the Committee of the Fair of Barcelona. Member of the Board of numerous Associations, Foundations, Committees, Federations, Commissions, Councils and Clubs.

Qualification and professional experience: Graduate in Law; in Economics and in Social Affairs; General Management Program (PDG) by the IESE.

Sectors for developing relations with Estonia: Taking the advantage of the strong points in both countries, the best cooperation possibilities among Estonia and Catalunya are the tourism activities, the high technology projects, the biotechnology area and also the interchange on the culture of the two parts.

Vision : Our opinion is that for Estonian people we must be the normal partner for all the activities to introduce any action in Catalunya and Spain. The punctual actions in order to promote the relationships between Catalunya, Spain and Estonia, must be selected and indicated by the Embassy in Madrid.

Hobbies: the family (grandchild’s ) and the sports; writing articles in newspapers.

Awards: Medal President Macià to the merit of the Work of Catalonian Government; Big Cross of Marian Land of IV Class of the Estonian Republic; Cross of Saint George of Catalonian Government.

Josep Lluis Rovira