Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Giuseppe Iazeolla

Consular Region:

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n. 60
Phone: +39 080 521 6007
Fax: +39 080 521 6007

About me:
Assignments: Attorney, owner of Iazeolla law firm from 1977, with two Secretaries and four staff attorneys. Honorary judge from 1986 to 1993. Former Member of the Board of Directors and President of the public institution "Casa di riposo Vittorio Emanuele II" in Bari. Professional experience: Industrial Telecommunications Branch Expert diploma in 1971. A law degree from the University of Bari in 1976. Specialization courses in industrial law, criminal and tax law. Close cooperation with the Industrial Association of the province of Bari ASSINDUSTRIA, local governments such as City of Bari, Provincia of Bari and Regione Puglia. Continuous personal and professional relationships with Humanitarian Associations and regional authorities as well as with the police, army, air force, navy. Associations: A member of the Lion's Club Bari-Triggiano Marina from 1996. Chairman of Lion's Club Bari-Triggiano Marina in the year 1999-2000. Officer and Deputy District Governor. Awards: the highest honor of the Association Lion's Clubs International, "Melvin Jones Fellow".

Giuseppe Iazeolla