Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Ayman Shafik Jumean

Consular Region:

53 Al-Kofeh Street Um Authina

Phone: +962 6 552 7001, +962 6 552 7002,
Fax: +962 6 552 7003

About me:

Current Career Positions: Chairman Solutions Communication & Security Systems, Chairman Quatro Holdings, Chairman Jordan Origins Company, Chairman Madaba for Financial Investments, Vice-Chairman Investbank, Vice-Chairman Paper & Pen Films, Vice-Chairman Naqel Transport Company, Board Member Jordan French Insurance Company, Board Membership in number of Private Holdings Companies.

Professional Experience: Masters degree in Engineering Administration from the George Washington University, DC, USA, Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, The Citadel, SC, USA. Long-term experience in high level management of companies in a variety of fields to include FMCG, Financial Investment, Banking, Hospitality and Security Fields with experience both in the Middle Eastern Market & Western Markets. Also able to liaise at all levels of government and military.

Areas for developing cooperation with Estonia: The Jordanian Market is a great tourist designation specially for the Winter months. This is a an area that can be explored through the travel agencies in each Country. Estonian IT & Energy Companies have some potential business in Jordan. It needs to be clarified and focused to offer best preposition to for Estonian companies.

Ayman Shafik Jumean