Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. John Olaf Soosaar

Consular Region:
Nova Scotia

25 Lyla Drive
B2Z 1L4
Phone: +902 434 2816
Fax: +1 902 434 2816

About me:

Assignments: a communications director with Nova Scotia’s Office of Aboriginal Affairs in recent years; previously journalist in radio, television and print covering many of the major stories in Canada. Producer a number of films dealing with Canada’s First Nations, the Mi’kmaq.

Qualification and professional experience: Saint Mary’s University. Learned journalism while at The Canadian Press wire service for 15 years. Good knowledge of the province, the region and the political structures as well as many leaders in both industry and government enabling to assist Estonians who are interested in establishing closer relations with the business community.

Sectors for developing relations with Estonia: Trade and tourism as well as education are the sectors which have high potential for developing relations with Estonia. One of the advantages is that both Nova Scotia and Estonia are similar in size, population and geography and there tends to be a greater affinity between areas with many similarities. Nova Scotia (Canada’s Ocean Playground) is noted for its tourist industry, stable work force and excellent communications links with the rest of Canada.

Vision: awareness rising of Estonia and its potential not only in commerce but also in education and tourism. I would like to see more Estonian business people visit our region of Canada and more Canadians become familiar with Estonia and I’m working to make that happen.

Awards: Premier’s Award of Excellence for a film in 2007.

Hobbies: I am an amateur photographer and have written several books.

John Olaf Soosaar