Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Nikolaos Kantarzis

Consular Region:
The Dodecanese islands

22 Georgiou Averof st, 1st floor
Phone: +30 224 20 22 342
Fax: +30 224 20 27 149

About me:

Assignments: owner of the Architectural Office on Kos Island with a lucrative clientele.. since 1990 elected as a city councilor of the Municipality of Kos, holding positions of various responsibilities. By 1999 personal advisor to the Interior Minister. 1999 – 2001 elected President for the Municipality Board and President of the Emigration Committee of Kos. 2001 -2007 Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Kos (2001 – 2004); President of the Board for the Conservation and Environment Organization for the Municipality of Kos. 2007 – 2010 President and Managing Director of the Board for “KOS EPENDITIKI SA; 2010 - Responsible for marine tourism and a member of the tourism sector within the Greek socialist party.

Professional Experience: Architect with degree from the University of Milano. Political interactions both at National and Local Government levels allowed establishing excellent relationships in all sectors. Experience in organizing different trips and camping events for children and adults

Areas of possible collaboration: great potential for collaboration between Dodecanese region and Estonia in areas such as Tourism (charter flights, travel packages), Athletics, Culture and Economics (timber industry).

Hobbies: Apart from my love for politics, I enjoy playing tennis, cycling, swimming, reading, watching movies and going to the theatre.

Nikolaos Kantarzis