Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Trond Bernhard Brekke

Consular Region:
Trondheim, counties Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag

Schultz gate 1
Phone: +47 7380 2150, +47 9066 6442 (mob)
Fax: +47 7380 2160

About me:

Assignments: managing director Bernhd. Brekke AS. Chairman and member of the board in several companies. Honorary Consul of Estonia since 1999.

Professional experience: Bachelor degree in business administration, University of Denver, Colorado, USA, approved degree of “Siviløkonom”. Up to 1997 an entrepreneur within the polyurethane industry, in the Nordic area, since then a private investor active in most business areas. Doing business in Estonia since 1993.

Areas of high potential for developing relations with Estonia: knowledge based industrial development and technology in general.

Vision: assistance on a strategic level, developing business ideas including giving advice based on personal experience of how to make business with Estonia.

Hobbies: Wildlife, skiing, hunting and fishing.

Trond Bernhard Brekke