Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Lars Werner

Consular Region:
Karlskrona city and counties Kronoberg and Blekinge

Norra Smedjegatan 2
371 33
Phone: +46 455 824 90
Fax: +46 455 802 57

About me:

Assignments and responsibilities: attorney, running the law firm “Advokatfirman Werner” since 1975 in Karlskrona, member of the Swedish Bar Association.

Professional experience: business law, insolvency law and company law. Creating and developing contacts between Estonian and Swedish companies.

Potential for developing relations with Estonia: quite many companies in southeast part of Sweden have already established business links with Estonian enterprises and there are still broad opportunities for development.

Visions: to spread knowledge about the neighbor countries on the other side of the Baltic Sea. Considering that these countries for many years during the twentieth century were closed, the knowledge about these countries is still deficient among Swedes.

Hobbies: history of the Baltic countries in general and Estonia especially, giving lectures about Estonia from the Middle Ages to the Present, about geography, economics and culture. Enjoying music, sailing and hunting. Cousins’ father came to Sweden from Estonia during WWII.

Lars Werner