Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Jan Erling Lennart Gunnesson

Consular Region:
Counties of Halland and Jönköping

Linjegatan 9
Phone: +46 70 2190805

About me:

Assignments:since 2005 Managing Director for Dormer Tools AB. Dormer is a part of Sandvik Machining Solutions and has manufacturing of taps and counter sinks in Halmstad. The sales responsibility for the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States is handled from Halmstad.

Professional Experience: Master degree in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology. Business career with manufacturing industries throughout the world.

Potential for developing relations with Estonia: One important sector is the manufacturing industry . From a cultural point of view the exposure of Estonia is not that big in southern part of Sweden. A possible opening could be some common activity within singing in chorus as this is also very popular in Halmstad. Cooperation between schools in Estonia and Halmstad need to be developed.

Vision: prepared to support activities both in business and the cultural area.

Associations: Involvement in local football club.

Hobbies: interest in breeding horses for jumping.

Jan Erling Lennart Gunnesson