Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mrs. Riina Mai Noodapera

Consular Region:
County of Gotland

Roma Lövsta 10
622 54
Phone: +46 70 775 76 30, + 46 498 20 22 48

About me:

Assignments: Rural advisor and project manager at the Rural Economy and Agricultural Society in Gotland County.

Professional experience: expertise in enhancing an enterprising spirit in rural areas, promoting good rural and urban living environments, promoting local Agricultural Societies established all over the country and The Swedish Village Action Movement in Gotland. They are focused on collective action - run shops, organize childcare, set up wind power plants and improve infrastructure in rural areas. Read more and Experience in developing small businesses dealing with artisan food, small scale tourism, fishing villages, Culinary Heritage, networking etc. and in arranging education, conferences, business exchange, sales, fairs, festivals, project applications as well as in international projects about farming and food production and how to make the Baltic sea more healthy.

Associations: Chairman of the Estonian Society in Gotland.

Vision: Since Gotland is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea the possibilities for travelling directly from Gotland to Tallinn or Kuressaare need to be established, either by plane or boat. That is crucial for developing business contacts in the future.

Hobbies: educating Gotland people about culture and history, especially related to years after 1944 when Gotland took care of 11 000 refugees from Estonia. Introducing Estonian food traditions in Gotland.

Publications: articles in local papers and publications concerning Estonian society activities and visitors from Estonia.

Relations with Estonia: Speaking Estonian, both parents were born in Estonia and came to Sweden September 1944 as refugees. Numerous study trips arranged for farmers, small scale producers, tourist businesses, teachers, veterinary inspectors etc.

Riina Mai Noodapera