Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr Lars-Eric Boreström

Consular Region:
Västra Götaland region

Lennart Torstenssonsgatan 5
Phone: +46 31 604 960
Fax: +46 31 13 85 98

About me:

Assignments and responsibilities: owner and senior adviser in consultancy company Borestrom AB; Chairman of Replacement Partners AB (outplacement consultants) Boardmember of Hordagruppen AB, (plastic and rubbersupplier); Partner and Chairman of SwedPaper AB, producer of bleached, kraft and sackpaper. Member of the corporate team Vätterledens Invest AB (, chairman of 2 subsidiaries and Manager Director of Smålandsvind AB, a windpower company. Former CEO of a industrial group with activities in areas of plastics, commerce, mechanical industry and development.

Professional Experiences: Bachelor of Science degree from Göteborg University in Business Administration and Economics, management experience in following sectors of Swedish industry: textiles; mechanical engineering; industrial diesel engines and components; injection moulding plastics and mould manufacturing; rubber products for the automotive industry; woodworking industry; kraft and sackpaper production; mining equipment.

Associations: Memberships in Rotary, The Royal Bachelors Club, Handels Vänner, Svenska Civilekonomföreningen, Göta Par Bricole and Stora Amaranther Orden.

Vision for promoting relations: good contacts with the regional cultural institutions like Göteborg Opera and Symphonic Orchestra for promoting cultural cooperation, regular contacts with students from Estonia; regular contacts with Estonian Community for supporting development of relations between Göteborg region and Estonia.

Hobbies: Skiing, biking, golf.

Lars-Eric Boreström