Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mrs. Ingrid Cristea Vendelin

Consular Region:
Romania, except the counties of Timiş, Arad, Caraş-Severini and Hunedoara

Strada Hagi Ghita 41
sector 1
Phone: +40 727 321 921
Fax: +40 21 224 0501

About me:

Assignments: Administrator of the company Turn Studio, which main activities are film and architecture.

Professional experience: Master Degree in Audiovisual and Cinematografic studies, University Paris 8, France; 15 years as Administrator in architectural office. 14 years as provider of production services in film industry.

Areas for developing relations with Estonia: collaboration between two countries could be done in every domain as the two countries have many similarities and enough differences to make the countries understandable but still interesting enough for each other. Estonian companies that have been active in Romania have been mostly in real estate and IT sector.

Vision: need to increase the cultural relations but also tourism and commercial relations between the two countries.

Associations: member of the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies which aim is the promotion of research activities in the field of Baltic and Nordic studies.

Publications: novel “Ly”, various publications for Estonian newspaper “Eesti Päevaleht” as press correspondent in Paris and Bucharest, various interviews for Estonian and Romanian radio stations on different topics,

Born in Estonia, speak Estonian, English, French, Russian, Romanian and Finnish languages.

Ingrid Cristea Vendelin