Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Klaus-Hinrich Vater

Consular Region:

Bergstraße 2
Phone: +49 431 519 4494

About me:

Assignments: founder and CEO of the Vater Unternehmensgruppe, established in 1997, approx. 320 employees, one of the leading IT service providers in northern Germany.

Associations: President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to Kiel (IHK) and many other advisory boards and committees.

Professional experience: graduated engineer on the field of telecommunication technology. Expertise in providing IT-solutions for small and medium-sized companies. This includes all kind of provision of service around software and hardware. Vater Unternehmensgruppe was a winner of the “Große Preis des Mittelstands” in 2008.

Areas for developing relations with Estonia: There are good prospects on cultural cooperation between Estonia and Schleswig-Holstein – for instance with close collaboration of the museums and theatres, exhibitions, festivals, orchestra- or choir concerts. Exhibitions like the Estonian fashion-photographer and designer Anu Hint’s “To be Estonian” have a great potential for promoting Estonia.

Vision: We need to be forward-looking and should expedite the exchange of students, but as well the individual tourism, between Estonia and Schleswig-Holstein by intensive information at schools and universities.

Hobbies: all kind of social and economic networking, skiing and travelling.

Preferred language for communication is German.

Klaus-Hinrich Vater