Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mrs. Tuija Päivi Keinonen

Consular Region:
Northern Savonia, Southern Savonia and North Karelia

Volttikatu 5
Phone: +358 50 5551541 (mob), +358 20 7446 802 (telephone)
Fax: 358207446801

About me:

Assignments: CEO of Oy Medfiles Ltd. Chairman of the board in Medfiles’s subsidiary company in Estonia (Tartu and Tallinn) since 2008. Member of the board in 6 companies. Several memberships in management/specialist groups.

Professional Experience: PhD in Pharmacy from Kuopio University 2003. Extensive experience in contract research service management and in company management as managing director/CEO. As an invited speaker in ca. 30 courses/seminars (concerning clinical drug trials, regulatory, quality and business affairs). Experience in working with Estonia.

Sectors for developing relations with Estonia:
• R&D in contract research (health sciences): pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices,
• IT (digitalization),
• Culture: fashion, art, music.

Vision: More active joint collaboration between Kuopio and Estonia (business and culture) as Kuopio and Rakvere & Western Estonia County are friendship municipalities. More active international sales & marketing between Estonia and Finland (eg. joint efforts towards Russian and Asian market).

Publication: PhD thesis titled: "Clinical Drug Trials in Finland – quality and characteristics", numerous publications in the field of pharmaceuticals (clinical trials etc.).

Hobbies: cross-country skiing, mountain biking, arts (sculpture), fashion, music.

Tuija Päivi Keinonen