Consul Profile

Honorary Consul Mr. Ramiro Rodriguez-Villamil

Consular Region:

Leyenda Patria 3038 (701)

Phone: +598 2915 17 34

About me:

Assignments: Lawyer, senior partner at LVM Lawyers & Consultants, specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions. Journalist, founder of 42 years old weekly newspaper "Búsqueda", covering political and economic matters, in which I write a weekly column on political humour under the nickname of "Kid Gragea", chairman of "Société Française d´Enseignement", in charge of the management of the Lycée Français de Montévidéo.

Professional experience: Doctor in Law and Social Sciences (1971), as a lawyer specialized in bringing new companies and foreign investments into the Uruguayan market.

Areas for developing relations with Estonia: Logistics, cooperation in high technology matters, exchange of cultural activities in the field of music.

Vision: Being two small and dynamic countries, with complementary fields to develop, Uruguay and Estonia should promote closer contacts on some special fields such as cyber-technology on the side of Estonia, and software development on the side of Uruguay. There might be interesting opportunities to explore in this specific area.

Associations: Member of the Board of the National Academy of Economics (joined the Academy in 1976), Honorary Member of the Latin American Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (1981), founding member of the Jean François Rével Foundation (1999), Honorary Consul of Estonia since 2000.

Awards : decorated by the French Government as Chevalier de la Légion d´Honneur (1996), decorated by the Mayor of Jerusalem and the Zionist Organization with the "Jerusalem Prize" for promoting peace and understanding through the media (1997).

Publications: "Martin García es uruguaya" and "Festejen, uruguayos!" (political humour) under the nickname of Kid Gragea, and "Foreign Investments and Economic Development" under own name.

Ramiro Rodriguez-Villamil