Estonia opened an Office of Honorary Consul in Jersey

On 17 November the Estonian ambassador to the United Kingdom Lauri Bambus opened the Office of the Estonian Honorary Consul in Jersey. The Estonian Honorary Consul is Auberon Ashbrooke who works as a lecturer for Highlands College in Jersey for Plymouth University courses and has a strong Estonian connection. At the reception, a piano recital was given by London-based Estonian pianist Sten Heinoja.

Ambassador Bambus highlighted at the opening ceremony Jersey’s active interest towards the Estonian experience of e-governance and digital identity and confirmed its country’s readiness to cooperate in this field.

“Being a small is an advantage when building a digital society. Jersey has an ambition to become a digital leader and I wish you every success when making bold decisions that will set a future path,” Ambassador Lauri Bambus said.

During his visit, the Ambassador met the Bailiff, Mr William Bailhache, the Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, and the Minister for External Relations, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, as well as other ministers. He attended the meetings at the Financial Services Commission and the Digital Jersey Hub where in-depth discussions focused on practical cooperation between two countries.

Auberon Ashbrooke has been the Honorary Consul since September 2016 and his consular region is Channel Islands.



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