Estonia opens Office of Honorary Consul in Palermo

On Wednesday, 17 October, Estonia opened its new Office of Honorary Consul in Palermo. The Office of Estonian Honorary Consul was formally opened by Foreign Ministry’s Secretary General Rainer Saks, joined by Estonian Ambassador to Italy Celia Kuningas-Saagpakk. The Estonian Honorary Consul in Palermo is Professor Antonello Miranda.

Rainer Saks said that the honorary consul is going to play an important role in developing relations between Estonia and Italy in the digital field. “Italians are already active e-residents of Estonia, ranking seventh in the number of applicants. Italian e-residents have so far established 158 companies in Estonia. The Office of Honorary Consul in Sicily will help further introduce Estonia and its e-solutions,” Saks said.

Saks pointed out that Estonia’s connection with Palermo goes back to the 12th century when Muhammad al-Idrisi, a cartographer living in Palermo, first put a town named Qalaven, now known as a predecessor of Tallinn, on a map in 1154. Historians regard it as the earliest mention of what is now known as the capital of Estonia.

In addition to helping promote business relations between Estonia and Siciliy, the honorary consul is also going to support the small Estonian community in Sicily as well as help Estonian tourist who love to travel there.

Antonello Miranda is a law professor at the University of Palermo. He has been the Honorary Consul of Estonia since April 2018. His new office is located in the centre of Palermo, at Via Dante Alighieri 332.

The Republic of Estonia has nearly two hundred honorary consuls, six of whom are in Italy, who all play an important role in representing Estonia’s interests abroad. Honorary consuls are highly regarded and established people in their home countries whose primary task is offering consular services and support to Estonian citizens abroad. Another important part of an honorary consul’s role is promoting economic ties and helping Estonian entrepreneurs create useful connections. An honorary consul does not receive any formal salary from the Estonian state.

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