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Here you will find most valuable information about Estonia. These links are public and you are welcome to share this information with everybody interested in learning more about Estonia.

General Information

Official gateway to Estonia:

On this webpage you will find general information about Estonia as well as links to all important websites.

Since 2011 the is also at your disposal.

Life in Estonia (Fall 2017) is a quarterly magazine, which covers all Estonian walks of life – from economy to society, from culture to tourism.

Economy and Trade

General information about Estonia’s economy is available at the website: You are also most welcome to visit the MFA webpage about Business in Estonia

Trade with Estonia gives you better understanding about trade opportunities; portal is designed to offer information about Estonian companies. Through the page you can contact directly either Estonian companies or export consultant to get specific information Estonian services, products and companies.

Estonian companies´ details are published under Exporters Database – there are over 1500 Estonian companies listed. All the companies are divided into different sectors and sub-sectors so you can make search under the sector you are intrested in.

You will find also valuable information about Estonia export capacities in the Estonian Export Directory

Investment-related issues are concentrated at the Establishing a company and other details are available here

Information relating taxes is at the

Estonian legislation, including the Commercial Code in English translations is available at the homepage of Riigi Teataja

Enterprise Estonia is providing necessary information on cooperation opportunities as well as advisory support. It is focused on the areas of promotion of exports; promotion of investments; promotion of tourism, regional development and support to start-up companies.

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) provides information services and consultation (business contacts, co-operation proposals, legal environment, business-related documents, etc.), supports business match-making (business delegations and trade missions, trade fair visits, presentations) and arranges training on business-related matters. ECCI represents more than 3000 enterprises predominantly in the textile, metal, timber, construction and food industries with the export over 85 % of Estonia’s total exports.


ICT success-stories you may find at the website

Real-time statistics about Estonian e-residency will be provided at

Tourism and Culture

Tourism information you may find at the website

The Creative Estonia portal gathers a lot of information about creative industries in Estonia. In cooperation with the partner organizations it offers up-to-date information about events, studies and support measures and present articles and featuring interviews with outstanding people in the sector.

Estonian Institute’s culture portal opens up the Estonian cultural landscape, presenting a calendar of events with information about current and future cultural events according to temporal, thematic and geographic features.

Welcome to work in Estonia. Estonia offers great career opportunities!

Estonia has started a new program called „Work in Estonia“ to inform foreigners and Estonians living abroad about the work opportunities in Estonia as part of a wider government strategy. All the relevant information about relocation and available job offers can be found through one portal: and its Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Every month Work in Estonia gathers and promotes job offers that might be of interest to you and your friends. Currently there are more than a 100 ICT sector jobs promoted through this channel. Another good source of information is our online guidebook “Destination: Estonia – Relocation Guide“. It covers all the basic subjects from formalities to free time with additional links and sources to make relocating to Estonia easy for everyone.

Why come to Estonia?

Estonians living abroad have their own emotional bonds with Estonia and also personal reasons that would encourage them to return. Highly-skilled expats consider Estonia as a great country to live in for the following reasons:
• Self-realization. People moving to Estonia from Western countries consider the main motivator and attraction of Estonia to be its compact organizational hierarchy, which enables people to climb up the career ladder more rapidly than in other countries. When in the USA, Germany, Spain and Scandinavian countries, employees typically reach a certain career level in their forties, this is possible significantly earlier in Estonia.
• High level of English. Estonians speak English well. Whether at the doctor’s, on the street, at the shops or official institutions, it is possible to get by in English.
• Living environment. Foreigners admit that they feel comfortable living in Estonia. The living environment is safe but not over-regulated. The pace of life is not as hectic or stressful as in larger cities. In just half an hour one can be out of the city and surrounded by unspoilt nature, and even in the towns, the level of pollution is very low.
• Low level of bureaucracy. As services are digitalized, everything takes place quickly and painlessly. The tax system is transparent and simple.
• Cultural opportunities. Despite the small size of the country, it is possible to visit great concerts and exhibitions here.

Job offers in Estonia

Vacancies of several sectors will be provided periodically at the website Currently you can find more than a 100 ICT sector job offers on this webpage. We suggest you to join the Work in Estonia newsletter, Facebook and LinkedIn channel to be among the first ones who hear about new job offers and other related information.

Further information: